My Wife’s Secret Bathroom Rule Unveiled

Louise and I had recently moved into the large home of her late grandmother, which gave us more space to create a family and eliminated our concern about rent. We were ecstatic about the fresh start. We made improvements to our new house as we got settled in to make it more uniquely ours. But there was one place Louise kept very secret—the second bathroom, which was next to our bedroom.

Louise begged Connor to respect her privacy and not go inside. I loved my wife and knew that ultimately she would let me in, even though I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t permitted in. As the weeks stretched into months, my curiosity about the chamber grew.

One evening, when Louise was sound asleep, I gave in to my curiosity. I crept inside the restroom and saw, in the corner, a little hole glowing a peculiar red. What might be the source of that? I was intrigued, so I looked through the opening and saw dozens of eyes looking back at me. It was a terrifying sight. My spine tingled as their eerie presence became more apparent due to the crimson glow.

Louise’s voice reverberated through the restroom before I could respond, taking me off guard. She was enraged. She demanded, “Connor, why are you here?” I stammered for an explanation, taken aback. I stumbled, “I was just washing my hands.”

Louise turned to face me after spotting what was behind the wall.

Allow me to now take you on an adventure to discover the real reason behind my wife’s enigmatic restroom rule.

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