What was this for, and why the bottom shelf?

A tiny built-in shelf in the kitchen or hallway can be found in the majority of houses constructed in the early to mid-1900s. This could be the situation if your home is older. You may have wondered why it was there if you didn’t give it much thought. Indeed, there was a rationale behind its placement!

That little shelf is called a phone niche. Before cellphones, people communicated with one another over landlines. It seems like a very long time in the past. Many houses were constructed with only one phone space. Many of them featured a tiny drawer or shelf where you could store phone books or address books above or below the phone.

These days, it seems so archaic to even consider keeping an address book!

Nowadays, the majority of individuals solely use cellphones and no longer own landlines. However, if your house has a phone niche, you can use it in a variety of ways! You might purchase an old phone and place it there for decorating. You could even utilize it if you’d like to. It may accommodate books and other pieces of home décor. An assortment of little plants in pots placed in the nook is another option. You have a plethora of options to choose from!

New homes are so handy, but I also adore the tiny nuances that give older homes their own special charm. Our home is so old that the concept of a phone niche was unimaginable not too long ago. Is there a phone room in your home? If so, I’m incredibly jealous!

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