Phillip Herron’s Terrible Story: A Call for More Compassion

Three children and a single parent, Phillip Herron battled a significant financial load. He chose to end his life since he was unable to find a way out. This picture captures him in his last moments.

When he asked for and was denied a payday loan, his financial condition deteriorated. This loan has a five-week waiting period. Herron’s bank account was barely $4.61 at the time of his untimely demise.

He felt completely imprisoned and helpless at this point.

Herron never talked about his difficulties with his family or friends, thus they were all ignorant of the issues he was dealing with.

The fact that this father had to give the bad news to his kids that year—that Santa Claus wouldn’t be visiting them—made the situation much more tragic. Herron expressed his belief that his children would benefit more from his absence from their lives in the letter he left behind.

This tragic tale serves as a sobering reminder of the need of support, empathy, and candid communication.

When we are struggling, we must muster the courage to ask for assistance and express our emotions and worst concerns to others around us. In this manner, a community that helps one another during our most trying moments might be established.

There are those in our immediate vicinity who suffer in quiet, therefore we should also be more perceptive.

Hopefully, as a country, we might bring about a change for the better.

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