Reasons you shouldn’t ever purchase rotisserie chicken from Walmart.

Has Walmart’s reasonably priced rotisserie chicken caught your attention? Let’s look at some crucial information you should know before making a purchase.

Size Counts

You might believe you’re getting a terrific deal at only $4.98. You won’t be happy to hear that you’ll only get about two pounds of chicken, though. It weighs exactly one pound and thirteen ounces. You’re getting very little chicken for your hard-earned cash. Alternatively, you might want to check out Sam’s Club or Costco, as they offer larger birds for the same price.

Taste and Quality

Despite sharing ownership, Sam’s Club and Walmart’s rotisserie chickens are not made equally. Similar to Costco’s well-known rotisserie chicken, a Sam’s Club chicken weights a substantial 3 pounds. Taste tests show that Costco’s chicken consistently beats out the competition because to its great flavor and juiciness. Conversely, Walmart’s chicken frequently falls short.

Unreliable Reviews

Spend some time reading the reviews on Walmart’s product page before you buy a rotisserie chicken. Many consumers complain that their chicken is either overdone or underdone. There is definitely cause for reflection regarding this disparity in quality.

Sodium Level

The amount of sodium in Walmart’s rotisserie chicken is one area where they have an advantage. A 3-ounce portion at 690 mg of salt is slightly more than that of Costco at 460 mg and Sam’s Club at 550 mg. But if you’re watching how much sodium you eat, Whole Foods might be worth it. There is a reduced salt option available in their rotisserie chicken, with only 280 mg per quarter of a bird.

Thus, the next time you’re at Walmart thinking about that enticing rotisserie chicken, keep in mind that other retailers offer a larger, more tasty substitute for the same price. Additionally, Whole Foods can be the best option for you if you’re worried about how much sodium you’re consuming.

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