Thousands Slam Bride for ‘Ugly’ Wedding Dress—She Reacts, and Critics Remove All Their Comments

Up until the big day, a woman kept her wedding dress a secret. She was excited to show her loved ones the unusual outfit she had chosen. She surprised everyone by clapping back at the bullies.

On her wedding day, Camille Lescai wanted to leave a lasting impression. She asked everyone to wear white for the auspicious event, but she kept the details of her gown a secret from her guests and bridal party. Her ceremony took place in November 2022.

When guests saw Lescai going down the aisle, her request made sense. She wore an exquisitely handmade piece that cost approximately $4,400 and matched her personality to a tee. However, a lot of internet users didn’t agree with the happy bride’s choice.

Lescai posted a brief video of her stunning wedding in Sydney, Australia, on TikTok a few days after it all came together. There were over 300 friends and family members that followed the bride. When she realized her post had gone viral, she was taken aback.

The bride took action against the bullying and addressed it head-on because she knew that many others who had also chosen unusual dresses or intended to do so would be offended by the derogatory remarks.

Lescai drew attention with her blush pink clothing, but not in a good way. After receiving millions of views and innumerable comments, the bride and her ideal dress were the subject of internet mockery and hatred. She revealed:

“I was surprised by the responses because I had no idea it would become so popular. Since I’m not an influencer, I didn’t understand why my clothing caused such controversy or why many others found it important to discuss.

Lescai said that she had read the comments and noticed that some people had branded her rose-colored gown “dated,” “ugly,” and even “trashy.” Someone informed her that if they had been the groom, they would not have followed through with the wedding.

She was also asked why she was “trying so hard,” and there seemed to be no end to the hurtful remarks. Someone posted this:

“Having to pretend it looks good when the bride [wears] something like this and watching our reaction is my biggest fear as a bridesmaid.”

Some remarked her clothing was a “big no” in their books and likened it to toilet paper. However, Lescai did not want other people’s opinions to cloud her judgment because she still loved her clothing.

Fortunately, the bride, who had issues with confidence when she was a teenager, is now in her thirties. She was concerned that other ladies who also desired to wear a distinctive outfit on their special day might be impacted by the hostility.

The bride took action against the bullying and addressed it head-on because she knew that many others who had also chosen unusual dresses or intended to do so would be offended by the derogatory remarks.

Lescai responded in a series of videos to viewers who, among other cruel remarks, likened her garment to toilet paper, choosing not to back down in the face of criticism.

She started off by answering hurtful remarks left on accounts belonging to people whose usernames concealed who they really were. She exposed them because she thought their level of obscurity was the only reason they had the courage to destroy her. Lescai clarified:

Some may believe that after publishing anything online, I should anticipate criticism, but the counterargument is that if you make offensive remarks, you should anticipate being held accountable. This was my means of regaining control.

In addition to exposing the abusive remarks and humorously responding to her critics, Lescai expressed gratitude for the numerous supportive remarks and hoped that her narrative would inspire others to act differently.

Several members of the internet community thanked the courageous bride. They were grateful that she had given the bullies a lesson, and they were inspired by her videos. Lescai’s acts were also commended and cheered by users:

“Your wedding gown is gorgeous!”

  • December 1, 2022, Monday

“I absolutely adore your style! Never allow them to make you less bright.

  • December 1, 2022 (Eliza)

“You appeared as though you could have been on the Vogue Wedding Edition cover! stunning and audacious!

Dec. 2, 2022 (GracieLouFreebushGal)

Although I’ve never had the chance to date or get married, I thought your dress was lovely and you looked stunning.

December 3, 2022 (IceBlueSnowySkys)

On my wedding day, I too wore a pink dress since it made me feel confident and lovely. You look radiant in that dress; both of you look gorgeous in it!

  • January 5, 2022 (Molly Milazzo)

“You look amazing, I must say. It’s so unique, and I adore it! Please ignore all of the trolls here. They embody the imperfections of the modern world.

(Ann Marie Lauren) January 6, 2022

Stunningly beautiful!!!! I adore how you choose YOUR day to be authentically you and your style. Perfection was the outcome in the end.

  • January 8, 2022 (randijohnsey)

“I adore this outfit so much! There will always be dubious things spoken by others. In any case, you have everyone’s interest! Go on being you, girl!

  • January 15, 2022 (Chad Cummins)

Lescai saw that many of her detractors had deleted their comments following her response to the hate mail she received online. Hopefully, more individuals would reconsider their actions before disparaging other people online. Excellent work, Lescai. Your distinct look is amazing and motivating!

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