There is merit to the beauty that is visible to the naked eye, despite the adage that beauty is just skin deep. Even if we are aware that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, admiring beauty may nevertheless make you feel wonderful.

Naturally, this may occasionally be pushed too far, and individuals will shun others who don’t meet their ideal standards. Unexpectedly, this is another thing that evolves with time.

Marilyn Monroe is among the first names that spring to mind when you consider how society perceived the ideal lady seventy years ago. A few hundred years ago, there was a woman who looked entirely different and was thought to be the ideal candidate.

It doesn’t take hundreds of years for this to alter as time goes on. For many people, the ideal lady varies from decade to decade.

For example, in the 1980s, consumers desired to see athletic, curvaceous women. Women were supposed to be very slender with nearly transparent skin in the 1990s.

Science has stepped in and taken over in modern times, and it still tells us what the ideal lady looks like. The perfect appearance will mostly never change, but there will undoubtedly be trends that come and go very rapidly.

The goal of the University of Texas research was to ascertain the scientific basis for the definition of a lovely female physique. These norms, which are oriented toward the present, consist of the following.

The ideal lady has a height of 1.68 meters and measurements of 99, 63, and 91 cm for the breast, waist, and hips, respectively. With a breast, waist, and hip measurement of 38.9, 24.8, and 35.8 inches, respectively, it equates to 5’5 in height.

Kelly Brooks is the only person you need to consider if you’re looking for someone with those measurements. She is a well-known personality, model, and actress who frequently appears in the media. Her physique exactly matches the description provided by scientists.

She had struggled to launch her modeling career because too many agencies thought she was too overweight. She has, however, been succeeding more lately in the modeling and fashion industries, and 2005 she was named the sexiest woman alive.

She is still having success in her work today and serves as the embodiment of what science views as ideal.

It all boils down to the criteria of 99-63-91. These are related to research that indicates men are more drawn to women who have curves. Maybe this is because being curvaceous is linked to fertility.

Even while we might think so, that isn’t always the case. A woman’s body type is not the sole factor that determines her fertility; even those with the most ideal body types according to science may experience infertility issues.

Ultimately, what is beautiful remains subjective to the observer. While science may have its own opinions, many of us also have our own.

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