She left instructions for the repairman, but he chose not to listen.

Many handymen find their employment to be intriguing and fulfilling. From day to day, they never know what they will encounter, and occasionally, they could even be in for a few surprises. Any repairman worth his salt will tell you one thing: when it comes to instructions, they must pay attention to what is said. The repairman in this story got himself into a terrible predicament, so you could find yourself in some danger if you don’t follow the directions.

Laura phoned a repairman after her dishwasher broke down. She said to the repairman, “I’ll leave the key under the mat,” because she had to report to work the next day. I’ll mail you a check, fix the dishwasher, and put the bill on the counter.

“Oh, and Bob, please don’t worry about my bulldog. He will not trouble you. But please, don’t ever talk to my parrot—under any circumstances! Again, please don’t converse with my parrot!

When the repairman came at Laura’s apartment the next day, he spotted the largest, meanest looking bulldog he had ever seen. However, as she had mentioned, the dog simply laid on the carpet, observing the repairman while he worked.

He was, however, always irritated by the parrot’s constant ranting, swearing, and name-calling. The repairman eventually lost all self control and screamed, “Shut up you stupid, ugly bird!”

The parrot answered, “Get him, Bob!”

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