Woman overcomes her nasty atheist neighbour. Woman overcomes her nasty atheist neighbour.

It seems like anything may easily get to people these days. Most significantly, a lot of people don’t like the idea that they may be wrong and someone else is correct. Sadly, there are strong-willed individuals all around us.

The joke that follows examines the responses of two characters who hold divergent opinions. This is going to make you chuckle.

Every morning when she woke up, a devout woman would stand on her porch, open her front door, and shout, “Praise the Lord.”

Her atheist neighbor became enraged by this and would constantly make sure to respond, “There is no Lord.”

The atheist neighbor heard his neighbor pleading for food one morning. He went and got her a variety of goods, figuring it would be humorous to leave them on her porch.

“Glory to the Lord, who provided me with this food,” said the woman the following morning.

The neighbor said, “It wasn’t the Lord, it was me,” with such intense laughter that he was having trouble speaking.

The woman yelled without skipping a beat.

“Glory to the Lord for providing me with food and having the atheist foot the bill!”

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