Single Mom discusses why her ex-husband is her dream man.

Raising a child alone is not always an easy task. You are often juggling multiple responsibilities at the same time while you work to support your family, make a living, and occasionally take care of yourself.

One other problem with being a single parent is that you could feel guilty about not including someone else in their lives. There are two parents in a typical family, and sometimes you have to work extra hard to make the child feel comfortable.

As a single mother, Jessica Singleton is acutely aware of this. When she and her husband, Jon Megason, separated, she also understood it. They decided to stay a family and dedicate themselves to each other and their kid Pearson because they wanted the best for him.

It is undoubtedly true that no one could have predicted that this would be simple. Jessica does clarify, though, that her ex-husband continues to be an involved father to their son and is not required to make any payments through the state.

My former self is this. This very moment is worth more than gold. This man doesn’t receive any payment from the state because I merely give him a call when my son needs new clothes.

This dad purchases a ton of kid-friendly films on Vudu so that my son and I can watch them at home. Someone who delivers a $45 package of pull-ups to my front door, saving me the trouble of loading him up and heading to the store.

Someone who, far more frequently than he ought to, takes his son on a 10-minute notice because, well, I just need a nap or I have too much work to accomplish. When I’m stressed, this man will listen to me cry. This is a dad who, when listing his top five favorites, encourages his son not to overlook his mother’s partner. A man who spends his evenings fixing things for us, or who races over when we’re locked out of the house.

This dad wrote “from mommy” on the gifts he gave his son because his mother was unable to buy him as much as he did. A father who continues to care my sister’s children so that our son can spend time with his cousins. Someone who makes sure we’re safe when we go out with strangers we met on Craigslist. This is my son’s accomplished, selfless, protective, giving, diaper-wearing, chocolate-milk-making father.

We’ve had to overcome a great deal of hardship to reach this stage. This was a decision; it was not simple. Put an end to your justifications and get together for your kids. Even though I’m the most obstinate person I know, we had no trouble forgiving each other in order to protect our son. I get to see my son every single day as a result. We are always glad to see one another.

I am appreciative of you, in case I haven’t informed you recently. Above all, for the driven person you are and how, in spite of your previous background, you are an amazing role model for Pierson.

I adore how much love you will always have for my son.

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