Spoiled teen mocks stewardess without knowing his rich father has been watching him.

Andrew, a selfish affluent boy of seventeen who is used to getting his way, frequently abuses other people badly. His father believes it’s time Andrew gets a lesson in respect after witnessing him make fun of a flight attendant.

Could you move it more quickly? Moving by an elderly guy being helped by a young flight attendant, Andrew moaned impatiently. The man was having difficulty walking, but Andrew laughed at him and hurried to his seat without pausing for thought.

After his first semester at boarding school, Andrew, who had been a frequent traveler since he was a little boy, opened the window shade because he was bored and couldn’t wait to get home. After a while, he stood up to get his tablet, but not before leaving his luggage hanging from the overhead bin.

He was contacted by the flight attendant who had earlier helped the older guy. “Your purse is opening up. Sir, you didn’t close the overhead bin correctly.

Then carry it out rather than only standing there. It’s not my job,” Andrew angrily shot back.

The young man spoke some hurtful things, but the stewardess kept her cool closed the trashcan, and left. Still, in a sour mood, Andrew started to chew some peanuts before spitting them out in disgust. He called the attendant harshly.

The peanuts don’t taste good! He threw the bag at her and said, “Get me something better than these disgusting nuts!”

In response, the agitated but kind worker said, “Sir, please calm down and don’t throw things at me.”

“I’ll do my own thing!” Andrew lost his cool. “You are here to assist me,” Please don’t bring me some horrible food, like these peanuts; just go buy me something decent to eat. Go now!

The other guests were shocked by Andrew’s actions toward the ailing hostess and were observing in shock.

The elderly man sitting next to Andrew, whom he had earlier made fun of, intervened to stop him from acting rudely toward the flight attendant.

The elder man corrected him, saying, “Young man, don’t talk to her like that.” The fact that she works for us doesn’t give you the right to treat her disrespectfully. She came here to work, and thus far, she’s doing a good job at it. If you would just quit yelling at her and be polite to her.

“What makes me nice to someone incapable of doing her job?” Andrew shot back at the hostess, snapping his fingers. “Go quickly with my snack! Don’t simply sit here like a statue and gaze at me!

The attendant calmly and with teary eyes turned away.

“I know your parents are upset with you,” the elder guy said, taking back his magazine.

“Old man, mind your own business!” With a disdainful reply, Andrew answered. “This flight was paid for; I should get good service.”

The attendant came back with pretzels, and Andrew slapped the plate away, not impressed. “I’m looking for something better.”

With tears in her eyes, the attendant answered, “That’s all we have, sir.”

Another passenger, a lady, saw Andrew’s harsh remarks and approached him. “How could you talk to her in that manner? Be respectful, please!

“I wouldn’t be complaining if she performed her job well!” Andrew quarreled. “She’s just an awful helper!”

The attendant started crying because she was unable to take the insults any longer. The violent comments of Andrew reverberated throughout the cabin, startling the passengers with his lack of consideration and decency.

“It’s time for someone to give you a hard time, young man,” the old man next to Andrew growled. “This is not how you talk to people; I’ve been watching you the entire time.”

“I concur,” a man wearing a pricey suit who was riding behind Andrew said. “You’ve treated her so rudely and annoyingly. She’s doing a great job, but you don’t know how to treat people with courtesy and respect, guy.

Andrew was quite taken aback by how familiar that voice sounded. When he turned back, his jaw dropped wide and his forehead furrowed in dismay.


“ANDREW?” When Steven learned that the young bully who was making fun of the flight attendant was his kid, he was similarly shocked and felt a sharp, cold tingling run down his spine.

The ticket was delayed at the last minute, so I had to take this budget trip back to New York. Although I was occupied with reviewing the company’s annual report, I believe I heard your voice. It’s unbelievable that you would cause a commotion in this place! Andrew, with his jaw clenched and his gaze fixated on his father, remained still while Steven raged at him.

“However, dad…” Andrew faltered.

Steven continued, “Shut up and APOLOGIZE TO HER right now!” When we go home, I’ll start teaching you etiquette. Say apologize to her now!

Andrew whispered an apology while hunching his shoulders. All he said to the stewardess was “Sorry!” He didn’t understand the big issue and was offended when his father reprimanded him in front of everyone.

Andrew was anxious about the repercussions of his actions as he followed his father, Steven, inside their opulent house after their trip. Steven escorted him to his study where they squared off.

“You gave me a lot of pride today,” sarcastically said Steven. Is it the reason you were sent to boarding school? to start acting disrespectfully and carelessly?

“Andrew, I’m disappointed. Steven abruptly shut the study door behind him and turned to face his son. “Your behavior needs to change,” he stated.

Andrew protested, “I don’t see the big deal, Dad.” It’s not as if she matters or anything! She wasn’t performing her job effectively, even though she was paid to serve us!

Andrew, it’s not your responsibility if she performs her job well. “Having money doesn’t give you the right to treat people badly,” shot back Steven, crossing his arms. “And without my riches and support, son, you mean nothing! You require a dose of realism.

“Now what does that mean?”

“You’re not going back to the residential school. During the break, you’ll work for a living and attend public school.

“At Work? Are you serious? Andrew was taken aback.

I’m not joking, I promise. You’ll be employed by my cleaning services firm as a janitor!

A GARDENER? No way, father. That’s not something I can accomplish! Andrew objected.

There isn’t a choice for you. I’m taking away all of your privileges, including your phone, laptop, bank cards, and even branded clothing. You’ll make a living and dress simply,” Steven firmly said.

Steven went on, “I should’ve taken the time to teach you some manners instead of just making money after your mother passed away.” You need to understand how difficult it is to get by in this environment. It’s either now or never. You have to learn to appreciate others and put an end to your contempt for them.

“But why a janitor, Dad? “My friends will make fun of me,” an upset Andrew argued.

“Andrew, this is the result of what you did. You must acquire respect,” Steven forcefully retorted. “And you will lose all privileges if you quit the job!”

Having lost, Andrew was humiliated to be hired as a janitor for his father’s cleaning business and started working at the airport the following day. He had trouble with simple duties and had never even held a mop before.

“How absurd! His supervisor, an elderly woman, chuckled, saying that’s not how you hold a mopstick.

Put an end to your laughter! “I can’t get used to this,” yelled Andrew. “And do your work, or I’ll fire you!”

“You won’t,” the lady shot back. I’m familiar with your dad. He wants me to set you right. Go to work now! These floors need to be cleaned by hand!

Andrew let out a sigh and gingerly started to mop.

“Sloths are quicker as well.” There’s enough to do, so pick up the pace,” the woman said.

As he swept and mopped the lounge, Andrew moaned and swore. He had been lugging large buckets of water, and his hip hurt. He was unable to sleep since the older woman was watching him all the time.

An empty plastic bottle was thrown at him by a bystander while he was cleaning up garbage in the food court.

“Hey, man, pay attention! You’re disrespectful to me. Andrew growled.

Donning headphones, the man turned his back on him and moved on.

When Andrew pursued him and demanded an explanation, the guy shoved him to the ground and referred to him as a “filthy janitor.”

Andrew was then reprimanded by another guy for not placing a warning sign on the wet floor, which left him embarrassed and surrounded by laughing bystanders. Andrew apologized and said he would correct it.

He was about to fall asleep when a mother carrying a small kid came up to him. She angrily yelled, “Hey you, janitor, come here,” and ordered Andrew to wipe up her grandson’s vomit.

“What?!” Lady, are you kidding me? I can’t get near that. Eeew! Not at all! Andrew flinched away in disgust.

“You have to do it; it’s your job,” she said.

“Avoid telling me what my role is. I’m not going to touch that! I want to chuck up right now. It is repulsive. Andrew objected.

She threatened to report and dismiss you if she didn’t clean it right away.

Andrew longed to have never witnessed a day such as this one. He turned to seek his helper, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Grabbing a tissue, Andrew put on gloves to mop up the vomit. Feeling powerless and humiliated, he swept the floor.

The remainder of the day did not improve. Every time Andrew attempted to relax, his helper would give him new assignments. “Lady, give me a break. I’m worn out,” he pleaded. “I am not a robot; I am a human. I must take a breath.

“Our purpose is to work, not to relax,” the assistant said. “Now empty the bins. Bravo! Bravo!

Andrew was so tired that he quickly cleaned the couch and hauled the rubbish outside. It made him queasy to climb steps for his escalator duties. He was so tired that he looked for a quiet place to sit and put his head in his hands.

A woman suddenly gave him a rear kick. She snarled, “Get out of the way, you lazy fool.” “You’re going to get reported for sleeping at work.”

Andrew shot back, saying, “I was not sleeping.”

“I’ll see to it that you are dismissed. How dare you respond to me again? She left with a vengeance.

When Andrew realized that this was what his father had attempted to teach him, tears welled up in his eyes. He saw now how painful it was to be treated unfairly by those who believed they were superior to him.

When Andrew noticed a woman’s shadow among the crowd, he sobbed into his palms and gazed up at them. When he saw that it was her, he sprang up and rushed after her.

He tapped the woman on the arm and said, “Hey there, wait a minute.”

He looked up at the flight attendant he’d made fun of on the plane the day before, panting and puffing as she spun around in shock.

“Hey,” he exclaimed.

“You? Oh no, not you once more! Why are you in a cleaner’s uniform here? You’re employed here? Startled, she raised her palm to her lips.

“I apologize for making fun of you yesterday,” Andrew said. “I handled you so poorly. I offended you. But you continued to grin while serving me. I’m embarrassed of myself, and I swear I won’t treat others badly ever again. Would you just pardon me, okay?

The boy’s remarks and abrupt change of heart astounded the hostess.

“I’m happy you’ve realized your error,” she grinned. “However, I’m still not sure what you’re doing here.”

Refusing to divulge anything, Andrew grinned and vanished from the flight attendant’s view to complete the remaining tasks for the day.

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