When a teen can’t afford her dream dress, her prom date learns to sew and makes one for her.

While there are numerous occasions in life that we may look forward to, the prom is, for teens, the most important day of their lives until that point. They could look forward to it for years, and it’s all about the dress—not just going out with pals.

However, some people just want to blend in with others even when they are unable to purchase a prom dress of their own. Addi Rust, a senior at Pendleton Heights who fell in love with an expensive gown, knows this better than anybody.

Although the youngster realized she couldn’t afford it, she still wanted to wear the gown. She would have to find another way, and luckily, her closest buddy was eager to share his skill with her.

She informed her pal that he ought to build the dress for her after she told herself the outfit was too pricey. Parker Smith chose to move on with his plan even though he was aware that she was making a joke.

“You know what, I think I might be able to make your prom dress,” he said to her.

He spent months perfecting the outfit; he continued to work on it the night before the prom. He knew it was meant for her and that it made her feel like a princess when he saw his prom date wearing it for the first time.

Parker performed this as a gesture for her, but when it was posted online, it quickly gained popularity. People were just in awe of his inventiveness and the quality of his first sewing endeavor.

Fox Network’s previous head of casting, Bob Harbin, observed what he did as well. Things got off from there as he was also the director of the Cinderella production at a nearby arts theater.

Parker went on to create several gowns, one of which was a peasant outfit that was later altered to become Cinderella’s gown.

This is the transition aspect I built for the dresses I sewed. Thank you one more, Cinderella!

— December 5, 2019, Parker Keith Smith (@parkerkeithsmit)

He is working even though he is still in high school, and his goal is to work as a Broadway costume designer. Where he takes it from here will be interesting to see.

In this video, find out more about Parker and his capabilities:

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