The optical illusion that seems like a person with two dogs has severely confused the internet.

Optical illusions are the ones that may truly amaze us. The amount of mismatch between what our eyes perceive and what our brains comprehend never ceases to amuse us. Some really good optical illusions have distinctions that persist even when we are perfectly conscious of them. Numerous well-known optical illusions have been documented throughout history. Some of them, like the Ames Window, are purposefully made. It gives the idea of moving back and forth while turning 360 degrees if you’re unaware of it. It is employed to give the impression that Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is moving.

Image Credits: Twitter

The Optical Illusion’s Secret

Unbelievably, there are three dogs in this optical illusion—not just two. Furthermore, there are no people in the image. Now, are you able to see the third dog? You shouldn’t worry if you didn’t see it because most of us didn’t either. Even after knowing the secret, we were unable to notice it! By the way, the human is the third dog. It’s not a person wearing a furry jacket and cap, all black everything. A black poodle, that is. Thus, have you already seen the third dog?

Another clue is that the poodle is truly staring into the camera. The poodle’s fluffy tail serves as the “person’s” headgear. Lastly, the good boy’s adorable head is what appears to be the scarf or stole. Look at the dog that is being emphasized here:

Image Credits: Twitter

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