My 11-year-old daughter returned from her aunt barely speaking; then, in tears, she revealed what her aunt had done to her.

An aunt’s behavior brought her niece to tears and led to a dispute among the family about a treasured relic. The mother of the youngster made threats to call the police. A 28-year-old female Reddit member revealed a very intimate story in September 2022, and it moved a lot of people.

The Original Poster (OP) described a difficult experience that she and her family went through. More than ten years ago, when OP first met her husband, X, 30, he was a single father to a six-month-old baby girl named Lily. It started as a small bakery in their love story. On Saturdays, before he went on a walk with Lily, X would drop by the workplace where OP was employed at the time. He eventually began dating OP.

As their relationship grew, they were married, and shortly after, OP formally adopted Lily as her daughter. Even Lily had the same affection for OP’s 24-year-old sister Mia. Mia used to ask Lily’s parents if she could pick her up from school so they could go out to eat or the bookstore, and they would spend more time together.

Lily’s milestone caused a significant change in circumstances. According to OP, her family has a custom in which the oldest daughter receives an antique sapphire ring for her eleventh birthday. Because all of OP’s cousins were men, the ring in question belonged to her grandmother, who gave it to her aunt, who subsequently gave it to her.

A treasured family custom marked a noteworthy turning point in Lily’s life when, on her eleventh birthday, she received an antique sapphire ring. Lily wore the ring around her neck to protect it after OP raved about how much she liked it. She’d never seen her take it off in the months that she’d had it.

On a school night one day, Mia took Lily out. The child’s attitude had altered when she and her parents went home for dinner. “She barely said hello to her dad or me before she went up to her room,” the original poster said. OP went up to her room later, but she and her husband did not ask their daughter what was wrong right away.

She saw Lily had been crying when she entered her room. The young child ultimately told her mother that her aunt Mia had taken her ring after some time had passed.

Mia feels that since the ring is a family relic, it should only be given to blood relatives, which means Lily is not eligible because she is adopted. According to OP, she didn’t make it over to Mia’s apartment that evening because she stayed home and comforted her daughter, telling her that she is family no matter what the DNA or anybody else says.

The two sisters got into a fight the following morning, with OP demanding the ring be returned right away. In a text message to OP, Mia stated that she would only return the ring after having a daughter and that she would safeguard it to make sure OP did not give it to the “wrong person.”

Under the pretense of upholding family custom, Mia’s denial led OP to threaten legal action against her sister. OP had threatened to report the stolen ring to the police if Mia would not return it by 2:00 p.m. that day. After that, Mia began messaging her “like crazy,” calling her out for being ridiculous and overdoing things.

Their mother became involved in this family argument as well, siding with Mia and arguing that OP’s threat to call the police was exaggerated. The mother of the two women mentioned that Mia was attempting to uphold the family customs as well. Notwithstanding Lily’s lack of biological links, OP’s persistent position in reaffirming her place in her family challenges conventional ideas of heritage and belonging. She said:

Although OP’s mother supported Mia, other Reddit members supported OP. Someone said that by telling Lily that she is not related by blood, the aunt did a horrible thing.

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