The woman sparks debate after stating that she will not leave her daughter alone with male relatives.

Family should be the one group of individuals in whom you have the most faith. But, let’s face it, this isn’t true in every single family on the earth. One TikTok user was motivated to create a video describing how she wanted to raise her kid.

She isn’t going to leave her child alone with male relatives, and they will not be permitted to attend sleepovers. She generated quite a stir among the other parents. Some people agree with her, while others think her decisions are questionable.

There are no male relatives who will look after her daughter.

Aubrey is a mom of two and has expressed some strong opinions on how she raises her children. Because the contemporary world is a dangerous place, this mother makes certain that her children grow up in as much safety as possible.

Audrey’s Tiktok handle is @theorganicmami, and she has just over 2000 followers, but they’re growing by the day. She posted a get-ready-with-me video on her TikTok account in which she openly stated her parenting practices.

Audrey began the video by stating that she will not allow her daughter to sleep over at someone else’s place. The majority of people would agree. However, few people would question their own family members and refuse to let them overnight at their grandparents’ house.

Audrey will not even let her daughter spend time with her male relatives alone. “No sleepovers,” she stated emphatically. “No. Not even with close relatives. And she’ll never be alone with a man. “I don’t care if you’re the grandfather, uncle, or cousin.”

Audrey’s Other Points of View

Audrey began to apply cosmetics on her face as the video progressed. She stated that she will treat her children equally. This implies that her boy will be subject to the same regulations as her daughter.

Audrey isn’t going to let her daughter or son to stay out late since it is not safe for any of them. For example, me allowing my son go out late but not my daughter because it’s too risky for a woman,” Audrey went on to explain. “I’m just going to treat them both the same.”

When it comes to love, Audrey stated that her daughter would not be forced to accept hugs or kisses if she does not want to. This applies to both her friends and her relatives. “Your parents will not be kept in the dark. And if you’re one of those folks who says, ‘I’ll give you sweets when your mother isn’t here, just don’t tell her,’ you’ll never see us again,” she remarked.

Audrey is also sure that her daughter would be able to express her emotions as she sees fit. She will not be required to attend public school. “She doesn’t have to respect you if you don’t also respect her, as a kid she still will have thoughts and feelings and she has the right to behave a certain way,” she said.

Views differed in the comments section.

Naturally, there were a wide range of responses in the comments area. Some of her parents were entirely supportive of her intentions. Someone wrote, “[People are] getting mad about the no sleepovers rule, but it’s actually good speaking from my childhood experiences.” Another person said, “My mother did the no overnight stays thing [with] me when I was younger and I was upset however later found out one I was invited to 3 girls got [sexually assaulted] by the stepdad.”


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Her judgments, on the other hand, perplexed several individuals. Many people remarked that their favorite memories were made at sleepovers, and that her children will lose out on a lot of fun. One girl wrote about her personal experience of being denied permission to attend sleepovers. “I’m not allowed to have sleepovers and I hate my mom for it [so much] I missed out on a ton of stuff,” she stated in an email.

Another individual said, “If you’re familiar with the parents and the kid, i don’t see the harm in sleepovers, they’re honestly some of my best memories.” Finally, someone questioned her why she doesn’t believe her own male relatives. “Why don’t you trust your brother or father?” they wrote. “Do you leave her with her father?”

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