This teacher never expected this explanation for childbirth.

Children are the most innocent creatures in the entire universe. They are frequently in hot water due to their unflinching honesty and tendency to speak their opinions.

But that’s just the way kids are, so adults shouldn’t be upset with them for acting in a way that’s just how they are. One of the students made an amazing “show-and-tell” presentation about childbirth for a primary school instructor.

The little girl’s words were so compelling that others have been laughing at her story for years on social media.

Recounted by a grammar school teacher: “I’ve been a teacher for almost fifteen years now. Although I am a parent of two children, the most amazing birth story I have ever seen was told in my own second-grade classroom a few years ago.

Show-and-tell is often rather mild. Children bring in model aircraft, turtle pets, fish photographs they capture, and other items of like sort. And I never, ever set limits or boundaries for them. You may let them bring it to school and discuss it if they would like.

One day, however, this young child named Erica—who is quite intelligent and gregarious—takes her turn and waddles up to the front of the class while hiding a cushion beneath her jumper. She displays a picture of a baby. “I’m going to tell you about my baby brother Luke’s birthday.” Luke was first created by Mommy and Daddy as a sign of their love. Later, Daddy planted a seed in my mother’s tummy, where it flourished. For nine months, he fed himself using an umbrella cable. I’m trying not to chuckle as she stands there with her hands on the cushion, wishing I had a video camera ready to go. The children are observing her with wonder.

“‘” Approximately two Saturdays ago, my mother began to say, “Oh, oh, oh!” Erica moans and puts a hand behind her back. “She spent almost an hour going around the house, saying, “Oh, oh, oh!”This child is now gripping her back and moaning while performing this ridiculous duck walk. “The middle wife was called by my father.” Unlike the Domino’s man, she doesn’t have a sign on her car when she delivers infants. My mother was coerced into lying in bed in this manner. Erica is on her back, leaning against the wall. And suddenly, whoosh! It burst up and splashed all over the bed, like psshhheew! My mother had this bag of water in there in case he got thirsty.

“The child is demonstrating the flow of water with her small hands and her legs extended wide. It was excessive!

The middle wife then begins to push and breathe and breathe. They begin to count, but they never even made it to ten. Then my brother appears out of nowhere. There must be a lot of stuff within since he was coated with gross stuff that they said was from the play center.

Then Erica got to her feet, made a large, dramatic bow, and went back to her seat. I think I gave the loudest cheer. Since then, I always bring my camera along on show-and-tell days in case another Erica shows up.

Here’s an extra story with a lovely message if you enjoy this one.

“On the sixth day, God was working late when he created woman.

The Angel questioned, ‘Why do you spend all this time with her?’

“Have you seen all the specifications I have to meet to shape her?” the Lord said.

She needs to be able to perform in a variety of settings.

She has to be able to give several children hugs at once and have a hug that can mend everything, from a shattered heart to a wounded knee.

All of this she has to do with just two hands.

She can work eighteen hours a day and heals herself when ill.

The Angel expressed admiration. “Merely two hands? Not possible! And this is the typical model, right?

The woman was touched by the Angel as she drew nearer. However, you’ve made her so so soft, Lord.’

The Lord said, “She is soft, but I have made her strong.” You have no idea what she is capable of enduring and conquering.

“Can she think?” inquired the Angel.

“Not only can she think, but she can also reason and negotiate,” the Lord retorted.

The Angel’s cheeks were stroked. It appears that this creation is leaking, Lord! She is carrying too much weight because of you.

She doesn’t leak. The Lord corrected the Angel, “It is a tear.”

“What’s its purpose?” inquired the Angel.

“She expresses her grief, doubts, love, loneliness, suffering, and pride through her tears,” the Lord remarked.

The Angel was quite impressed by this. “You are a genius, Lord.” You considered every possibility. A woman is very amazing.

Indeed, she is, said the Lord. A guy would be amazed by her power. She is capable of managing conflict and bearing big loads. She is happy, loving, and has views.

When she wants to shout, she grins. She laughs when she’s scared, tears when she’s joyful, and sings when she wants to weep. She defends her beliefs with tenacity.

“She loves without conditions.” When a friend or member of her family passes away, her heart breaks, but she finds the fortitude to move on.

“So she is a perfect being?” inquired the Angel.

“No,” the Lord said. She just has one flaw.

“She forgets who she is worth.”

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