A 7-year-old boy was praised for his epic comeback in response to a woman who said that only girls wear nail polish.

While older generations regularly contest the idea that dresses aren’t only for females and that gender-neutral restrooms aren’t appropriate, younger generations don’t hesitate to challenge these social norms.

In a heartwarming TikTok video, Aaron (@daddyfiles) revealed a little boy’s recollection of being told that boys shouldn’t wear nail polish.

The small child shows off his newly painted nails, which go well with his football practice clothing, as he opens the video.

His father, Aaron, remarks, “Looking good, bud.”

Like any inquisitive dad, Aaron wants to know how his son is doing. The youngster stops for a little period before continuing, noting that the mother of another child informed their child that only females were allowed to wear nail paint.

“What did you say, too?” posed Aaron.

With confidence, the youngster said, “And then I said your mom’s only mad because I got more taste.”

After praising his son for standing up for himself, Aaron turned the camera to make a powerful statement.

“Anybody can wear nail polish—baseball players, football players, and everyone else,” he said. “Let’s get rid of this garbage.”

Many TikTok users agreed with Aaron to show support for his son.

“I have hope for the future because of kids like this one.” What an amazing father,” a user said.

“Well done, buddy! Another person said, “I wish I had that much confidence when I was in school.”

Meanwhile, a surprising tidbit was shared by another TikTok user: “In certain societies, warriors would paint their nails as part of their war paint before combat! seems like a fighter to me!

Who said that guys couldn’t wear nail polish? Go ahead and paint your nails if that’s your thing! Give up imposing limitations on what people may and cannot accomplish depending on their gender.

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