A mother of five who is obsessed with tanning has been accused of “burning” her 6-year-old son in a tanning booth.

Patricia Krentcil rose to prominence in 2012 after being charged with child endangerment. In fact, readers may know her as “Tan Mom” since she is obsessed with tanning salons and spends five days a week in the booth.

Patricia eventually came perilously near death as a result of anorexia, a disputed illness in which a person refuses to recognize or accept how many colors they have. Though she continues to frequent the salon, she is doing much better.

“Tan Mom” has been through a lot in the previous ten years. Here’s how she looks right now!

Obsession with anything, whether eating, buying, watching television shows, or anything else, is rarely a good habit to develop. Of course, some things are more harmful to your health than others, but it’s critical to recognize the long-term implications an obsession may have on one’s life.

It’s always a good idea to visit someone if you feel that anything is taking over your life or that you’re prioritizing an obsession over other important areas of your daily life. Try talking to a friend or seeking help from a counselor.

Patricia Krentcil – ‘Tan Mom’

Patricia Krentcil’s obsession catapulted her to online fame. She began tanning when she was younger, and it quickly became an important part of her life. Patricia went on trial in 2012 for taking her kid to a tanning salon, and she quickly became an internet phenomenon. Although she was never convicted, her name was already well-known.

She now tans more healthfully, but her time in the booth had a big influence on her lifestyle and looks.

Patricia got a tanning obsession at the age of 23. According to the proprietor of City Tropics Tanning Salon in Nutley, New Jersey, the New Jersey woman made five trips each week with a maximum session time of 12 minutes. She paid $100 every month for the unlimited package..

She remarked, “I’ve been tanning my entire life—going to the beach, going to tanning salons, and everything else.”

But it wasn’t her tanning that first brought her widespread recognition on the internet. In 2012, her picture was extensively circulated on the internet, although for a very other purpose.

In May of 2012, Krentcil was charged with putting children in danger. Authorities claim that she burned her 6-year-old child when she placed him in a stand-up tanning booth, as CBS New York reported.

After bringing her kid to the tanning

But Patricia said that there had been a huge misunderstanding about everything. She was determined not to take her daughter Anna to the salon at all.

Krentcil said, “No, not at all, not at all, not whatsoever.”

Krentcil was arrested by the Nutley Police Department, though, and they charged him with putting children in risk. Authorities claim that the youngster suffered a small burn in the tanning salon where she had brought Anna.

ABC reports that it is illegal in New Jersey for anybody under the age of 14 to use a tanning bed. Salon visits by teenagers over 14 were permitted, but only with parental consent.

When a school nurse occurred to ask Anna how she had gotten burned, the debate in her case started when the kid replied, “I go tanning with mommy.” Patricia said, however, that after playing outside in their backyard, Anna had been burnt.

“There’s not enough space… I’d never allow that to happen. It didn’t occur, according to Krentcil.

She is six years old. She goes tanning with her mother, yes, but not in the booth, she said. “This whole thing is absurd!”

At that point, Patricia gained the nickname “Tan Mom” among the press. Patricia’s image appeared in newspapers and on newscasts throughout the globe after the alleged event went viral on the internet.

“They simply aren’t aware of how much color they possess.”

It also provided clarification on the controversial disorder known as anorexia, which is characterized by a preoccupation and reliance on tanning.

New York dermatologist Doris Day told ABC News, “When you look at this, this is somebody who has a problem which most likely has an illness called anorexia, where they simply fail to realize just how much color they have.”

She said, “There’s really no justification for taking a young child to a tanning salon.”

“We frequently compare visiting a tanning salon to smoking for our skin, and the earlier you start, the more cumulative those effects are.”

Medical experts agreed that Patricia was in a very severe condition. It was one of the most bizarre instances dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner has ever seen.

“I have been a dermatologist for years, and I have never seen anything like this,” Zeichner remarked.

“To be honest, going to a tanning parlor twenty times a month is crazy, especially in light of all the public awareness and education efforts about the risks of tanning beds and skin cancer.”

It’s possible that she suffers from tanorexia, a real term for her [obsession with] tanning. He said, “She could require assistance in treating not just the skin problems but also her psychological issues.

Tan Mom may have spent ten years behind bars.

According to the Skin Care Foundation, the risk of melanoma increases fourfold for those who use indoor tanning equipment. The organization claims that sunbeds release 12 to 15 times as much UV radiation as the sun.

Dr. Zeichner claims Patricia suffers from body dysmorphic disorder, a condition marked by a recurrent unhappiness with one’s appearance.

He clarified, “Patients like this are constantly having elective cosmetic procedures, like laser treatments, Botox, and fillers.” “Which also comprises people who have a tan skin addiction.”

Despite being freed on a $25,000 bond, Patricia could have spent a maximum of 10 years in jail if found guilty.

In 2012, Patricia said that her daughter “never went in.” “They entered the children’s pool as the weather was lovely. Her hair is red. She burned from the sun.

She went on to say that tanning was a harmless, private pastime that only affected her.

“I didn’t act improperly. Is there anything wrong with having your nails done, smoking excessively, or overindulging in food? Krentcil enquired.

How come this wasn’t brought up years ago if it was such an issue?

Charges dropped, relocated to Florida

In February 2013, Patricia’s accusations of endangering children were dropped. The prosecution claims that a grand jury decided not to prosecute her. Mothers around the country continued to criticize her parenting even after she received a legal pardon. Patricia called them ugly and overweight in return.

The mother remarked, “There has always been someone in the world who doesn’t like me because they are envious, obese, and ugly.”

Consider gazing at yourself in the mirror rather than at me. I apologize for my tan. I enjoy having a tan. It simply feels pleasant. However, I really believe that these mothers ought to take a step back and move away.

The mother of five became well-known after going viral, but her fame was a nightmare. She was ridiculed by Kim Kardashian, pursued by cameras and the media, and included in a Saturday Night Live parody.

At some point, it became too much. The family decided to move to Tampa, Florida in order to start over when she started drinking.

Patricia Krentcil claims that Ashley, 18, Alec, 17, and Austin, 15, who were still in their teens at the time, were “badgered at school” as a result of the event. “Tan Mom” wanted to capitalize on her fame. Pat “Tan Mom” Krentcil decided to tell her side of the tale after the charges were dismissed and a year had gone by.

In an interview with In Touch, she said she wanted to play the lead in a movie that “portrayed everything that’s happened.” Because her husband Rich was unemployed and she had thousands of dollars in court bills to pay, she wanted to take advantage of her unexpected popularity.

In addition to the film, Patricia had plans to write a book and introduce her own line of tan lotions, “Real Tan Mom Healthy Glow.” She went on to say that she had been flooded with offers to model in New York, London, and Paris.

“It’s not even close to being over,” she remarked in reference to her celebrity moment. “I’m wanted by all.” I’m simply trying to decide where to move my family because I have a lot of other chances.

Afterward, “Tan Mom” nearly passed away in June 2019.

Patricia’s friend Adam Barta stated in a statement to US Weekly that she was suffering from serious pneumonia-related problems. The whole family relocated to Florida to be at her side.

“She is in a medically induced sleep and on life support (via the intubator) until her heart and lungs are strong enough to handle functioning on their own,” Barta told US Weekly.

She is doing better today, but she is still very much in the thick of things. The fluid is leaving her lungs.

‘Tan Mom’ here today; images

Her system is being severely impacted by the powerful medicines they are giving her to treat the illness as well. She demonstrated last night that she will only get better, which in my opinion was the most significant turning point. As long as she continues on this course, the current strategy is to attempt to extubate and resuscitate her tomorrow or Tuesday, he continued.

After having a heart attack, Patricia was diagnosed with pancreatitis, pneumonia, and an infection that had progressed to her lungs.

Patricia, thankfully, made it through, and it appears that she is currently doing better than before. In pictures from her Instagram account, she appears happy and smiling, despite the evident scars from her last tanning session.

In April 2021, she talked about her history with the New York Post, saying she doesn’t think about the incident with her daughter and the tanning salon. Rather than attempting to hide her identity as a “Tan Mom,” she now embraces it.

She said that she still uses her personal tanning bed to get tanned twice a week.

“I’m not bothered by it anymore. According to Patricia, it’s two different persons, as The Post reported.

“There’s Patricia Marie, mom, and there’s Tan Mom, celebrity.”

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