It was never suggested that being a vegan would be simple. There can be circumstances where it greatly complicates your life.

Amie-Beth Stedman was one vegan who all too well learned this. She was excited to spend the evening out with a friend because she lived in Essex, England.

They decided to go to Sheesh, a nearby restaurant since they wanted to go somewhere positive. The issue was that Sheesh is a barbecue restaurant and Stedman is a vegan. Maybe you’re starting to realize where this story is headed.

She had tried the place before, thinking she would just get a few appetizers. She likes to mix and match some of the smaller menu items, so that’s usually how she orders her lunch.

The 27-year-old decided to phone ahead this time to see if they would accommodate her after they refused to let her order exclusively from the sides. That’s where the issue started to get bad.

“I’m a vegan, and when I visited Sheesh a few years ago, there wasn’t anything vegan on the main menu,” the woman stated. However, I was considering… If only I could obtain some sides, perhaps. Add some rice and chips and stir everything together.

The woman told her that the restaurant does not serve vegans when she contacted them. When she clarified that she understood and was trying to obtain some of the sides, it seemed like a pretty acceptable request.

“I don’t even know why vegans would even want to come to our restaurant anyway,” the employee stated after returning. She didn’t like that they wouldn’t accommodate vegetarians, but it wasn’t that much. It was the woman’s extreme rudeness toward her.

For this reason, Stedman created the video to inform people that Sheesh was not only inconsiderate toward vegans but also nasty. Numerous comments concurring with her assertion that all restaurants should serve vegan food by 2023 were also left.

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