After their first date didn’t go as planned, a lady blocked a man. She believed he had invaded her privacy and put her financial stability to the test. She shared her story on Reddit and looked to the community for approval of her actions.

A lot of women have terrifying stories about their first dates, most of which are shared online. A lady and a guy went to a fancy restaurant of her choosing, where the woman had an amazing experience. She blocked him and wouldn’t give him another chance after he paid their whole amount.

The woman didn’t have any idea where they would have supper when the man originally invited her out on a date. But when he inquired about her favorite eatery, she was straightforward and gave an expensive establishment.

She made it apparent that they could eat in a more relaxed setting and that the restaurant’s offerings were somewhat expensive. She recommended a better-value Mexican eatery with excellent meals.

Her preferred restaurant, meanwhile, would have set them around $500 on average. The man really wanted to test the dish, so even with the price range, he decided to eat at the woman’s favorite restaurant. The lady frequently went on more informal dates. She would reserve her spot at her favorite restaurant for celebratory meals, special events, or self-indulgent moments.

Since she is more interested in getting to know the man and learning about his background than she is in filling her stomach, she discovers that going to the restaurant isn’t important for their first date.

On the evening of the date, the couple placed orders for cocktails, appetizers, and main dishes. They ordered dessert after having a nice chat. When the bill arrived, they both volunteered to divide it because the lady knew it would be pricey. Says she:

“After he asked me out and insisted that we go there because he read the menu and wanted to try the food, I hesitated and said it after he was saying it.”

During their first dates, the women would typically request separate checks, assuming that the guy may be hesitant to pay for lunch with a lady he wasn’t interested in. The woman and the man both put their cards on the table when the individual bills arrived.

The man took her card and offered to pay for both checks when the waiter arrived to collect theirs. Then he replied, “Oh, now that I finally know your last name,” after taking a peek at her card.

The woman had another notion as he was saying this. She works as a bartender and handles cards and transactions on the job. She also has a coworker who can recall numbers fast. Such could result in fraud or a crime.

The man changed his mind and decided to pay for both checks, which irritated her as well. She had a sneaking suspicion that he was manipulating her, probably to get her to split the $250 tab. Even though I had explicitly warned him we shouldn’t go there on our first date, she claimed to feel as though he was trying to figure out whether she was a golddigger or anything.

After supper, she thanked him, left for home, and blocked him. The woman said that he had irritated her by staring at her card, especially because she had refused to give him her last name.

The woman gave the man money for her share of the cost after reading comments on her Reddit post. She restated that she would have preferred a straightforward Mexican supper and did not push the man to eat at the restaurant. Since then, she has realized her mistake.

A large number of Reddit users supported the woman, saying she was justified to break up with a man who was making her feel uncomfortable. Some, meanwhile, thought she was overanalyzing the circumstances.

There was a remark that said, “Also, I highly doubt someone would spend $500+ and waste an entire evening so they could memorize your card number.” To avoid giving the impression that she was seeing him just for the complimentary supper, several others thought the woman ought to have paid half of her tab before banning him.

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