Woman Is Asked To Tip After Purchasing A Wedding Dress And Feels Blood Drain From Her Body.

While there are a lot of topics covered in TikTok videos, talking about advice always seems to capture some interest. Whether you like them or not, they are a standard feature of American culture and what we expect when we go out to eat.

But in recent years, tipping has become more commonplace outside of eateries and food stands. It has truly impacted a wide range of fields, and not everyone is pleased with the necessary changes.

You may have also encountered tip inflation issues. Everyone seems to be lending a helping hand in one way or another, and since we are all going through such hardships daily, you really can’t begrudge them for wanting to earn a little more cash.

But recently, one user posted a description of her experience buying a wedding dress on TikTok. individuals are swarming the comments section of that video, which has gone viral, to share their thoughts on what it means for them and other individuals.

In the video, Josipović describes how she bought a wedding dress and that a screen asking for a tip appeared when she put her credit card. “I think they saw the blood leave my body,” the woman remarked as she stood there. I was not prepared to pay a gratuity when purchasing a bridal gown.

She then inquired with the people working behind the counter and found out that asking for tips was not customary in the wedding dress industry. She was, however, equally perplexed as to why they weren’t receiving a commission for the sale they made and why she was being asked for a gratuity.

As you would expect, a lot of folks who were unhappy to hear this news were chatting away in the comments. Few of them accepted that a gratuity was being sought, and many of them were merely perplexed by the automatic nature of it.

Commissions also resurfaced, with many arguing that they should be paid a commission for sales and that tipping is abnormal. Others mentioned how practically everywhere they went—from obtaining an ultrasound to going through a car wash—they were solicited for a tip.

In the end, there will undoubtedly be ongoing discussion over tipping in one form or another. It will be intriguing to follow this development further.

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