Woman Skips Work and Nearly Got Busted

There are things in our immediate environment that we may take for granted and others that we may overlook. When we overlook something that others may find obvious, they may even call us names, like “blonde.” It appears that blondes are the subject of a lot of the funniest jokes on the internet in addition to having a greater sense of enjoyment. You will chuckle at this joke even if it may not be very politically correct.

The same female supervisor oversaw three girls who shared an office. They saw the boss leaving work early every day. The females made the decision one day to follow the boss out of the office. How would she know they left early if she never contacted or returned to work?

Being home early made the brunette very happy. She played with her son, did some gardening, and went to bed early.

The redhead was thrilled to be able to work out at the spa for a short while before going out to supper.

The blonde heard a muffled noise coming from her bedroom, but she was glad to arrive home early and surprise her husband.

She cautiously opened the door and was horrified to discover her spouse sharing a bed with her female supervisor.

She closed the door gently and slipped out of her home.

During their coffee break the following day, the redhead and brunette decided to go early once more, and they asked the blonde whether she would be joining them.

“No way,” cried the fair-haired woman. “Yesterday, I almost got caught.”

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