A man helps a poor lady and is fired for being late, but she gets her job back after she storms into the boss’s office.

For no other reason than that morning, Jacob lost his first steady employment in a long time. He was surprised to learn that the kind, defenseless elderly woman had a whole different side that would ultimately help him regain his career.

You had to think like Jacob if you were going to make it through the mountain of challenges in your life without becoming resentful about them.

Jacob had a small, uncluttered flat by himself and always left it half-empty. That’s because he reasoned that things would likely become nasty again the next day.

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Jacob had two shirts, the cloth around the collars of which was an unwhite color that would not come out with the finest detergent.

However, it made little difference because each workplace he worked at had its unique uniform.

He considered himself somewhat of a Renaissance man; in the previous year alone, he had held jobs as a ticket taker, a shampooer, a plumber, a parking lot attendant, and, unbeknownst to everyone, a backup dancer for a music video.

Jacob had finally secured permanent employment in the town since last month. The neighborhood’s oldest grocery shop employed him as an attendant. In addition to being eager to add a new outfit to his rucksack, he thought this one looked great.

It was a chirpy morning for him. Making his bed and leaving his room cleaner than usual made him feel good about himself. He’d practiced the ideal opening line with Rita, the cashier, and planned his morning arrival at the shop five minutes ahead of his shift.

At last, a pleasant day! Saying aloud, Jacob nodded at strangers as they walked past.

An elderly woman grinned enthusiastically in return, which increased Jacob’s enjoyment.

However, a moment after they came into contact, Jacob heard a thump and then a voice filled with frustration.

“Now, this is amazing! A paper bag that isn’t even big enough to carry goods for ten minutes costs $2.

When Jacob turned back, the lady who had been grinning at him moments before was still there. This time, though, she was stumbling under her breath, straining to carry a broken grocery bag full of groceries while attempting to follow the rolling apples and potatoes over the pavement.

“Go forward, woman! The elderly woman was shoved aside as a stranger rushed forward.

“Well, isn’t that a pleasant way to live?” Jacob talked loud enough for the outsider to hear him.

He said to the woman, “I have just the thing to help you, ma’am,” and took out two folded cloth bags from his knapsack.

“Ha ha! Now excuse yourself and let go of your resentment while I load these items for you.

The woman was delighted by the unusual man’s upbeat attitude and comforted by his friendliness.

“Mr., you have my sincere gratitude for saving this old man.”

Alright, just give me Jacob. You’re very welcome, too. I genuinely make a life off of what I accomplished for you these days. At the Freshmart store, I work.

You do, huh? I apologize, but I still think their paper bags are terrible. Too delicate!

“Ma’am, I couldn’t agree more.”

“Oh, call me Stacy, please.”

Stacy and Jacob had gone all the way to her house before they realized it since their discussion had flowed so well. Without her even asking, Jacob had offered to carry the groceries for her.

Jacob, this is so kind of you. Let me make you some coffee; come on in.

“Oh no, thank you, ma’am. I’m running late for work today. I hope to see you around.

Even though Jacob was running as quickly as he could, his old, blistered sneakers were holding him back.

He was gasping and puffing when he finally made it to the business, where a furious owner was waiting with his sleeves pulled up.

“When does your shift begin?” The man’s words matched the sour expression on his face.

“Twelve o’clock, sir.”

“And what time is it right now?” The proprietor of the shop had spoken up.

“Sir, it is 12:10 p.m.”

What does that thus say about you? The boss was starting to get used to this type of questioning.

“That I’m a bit late?”

“You are not a professional!” said the guy, clenching his fists.

“Sir, with all due respect. Though I may be many things, I’m not—

The proprietor of the shop was not going to back down from an argument. Not before a crowded shop. “You!” Leave now! You’ve got the boot! You are the kind of lazy person I don’t want working at my store.

Jacob’s expression lost its composure. He was aware that losing this position would be unfeasible.

“Please say no, sir. This morning, I really left my house earlier than normal. On the way, though, was an elderly woman in need of assistance. The handle of the grocery bag she was carrying broke, spilling all of her belongings over the sidewalk. I simply…

“Oh, so choosing compassion as your justification is correct? really creative That makes no difference. You may assist people carrying their goods by standing on the sidewalk. Don’t squander my money or time.

However, sir

“Save it. Put back on that foolish, happy smile, and leave my store now!

Standing outside the store and lighting a cigarette, Jacob thought to himself, “Another lost opportunity.” “Why am I unable to maintain a single job?” Why am I unable to appear to turn my life around? Perhaps my father was correct. I am a terrible person.

“Hello, Jacob! I was hoping to run into you here.

With a hollow smile, Jacob nodded and extinguished his cigarette. It was Stacy, the elderly woman from before.

“This morning, you helped me salvage some apples, so I brought you a fresh batch of cakes.”

Jacob was touched by Stacy’s kind action.

“Enter now. Plenty for you and every one of your coworkers.

Again, Jacob’s expression darkened.

“What is the issue?” It worried Stacy.

“I was just let go.” I was ten minutes late, so the owner of the business sent me out. I explained my tardiness to him, but it didn’t seem to matter.

How come? You were fired by Arnold?

When the woman mentioned his supervisor, Jacob was taken aback.

“You are aware of my supervisor?”

Kindness is what our world needs more of; when you can, speak up for it.

Naturally, I do! With his fury perpetually on the tip of his nose, he can be a genuine pain at times. However, this is not finished! Stacy sounded like a nasty old lady who suddenly became a fierce instructor.

“Arnold? Arnold!” Stacy’s high-pitched voice and brisk gait caused quite a stir. Jacob made an effort to trail as far as possible.

“Hello, Aunt Stacy! How may I assist you right now? When Arnold saw her again that day, he was taken aback.

Oh, please don’t give it to me. Blurted impatiently, Stacy.

Because of his tardiness today, did you dismiss this young man? Stacy gestured to Jacob, who was attempting to avoid making eye contact with his old employer.

“I don’t comprehend. How do you accomplish that?

“Did he not tell me he was assisting an elderly woman on the street? Arnold, you guessed right—who was that woman? Me!

Customers were also invested, and store staff had stopped working in the middle of things.

“I have been alerting Cindy about her boy’s out-of-control behavior. You tell her you’re always busy and that you missed your mother’s 70th birthday when you don’t contact her for two weeks in a row, and now this? Arnie, are you occupied with this? dictating to others and sacking them for any hint of compassion? Arnie, do you even still know what compassion is? Is this the person you have become as an adult? I don’t think this is the same child that I raised with my friend.

“Okay, okay, Aunt Stacy!” Arnold cut me off.

“I didn’t realize he was assisting you,” It shouldn’t have mattered, anyhow. I’ve simply been under so much stress at work that II vented my frustrations to this kind-hearted fellow. I didn’t do it correctly. I see that now.

“Are you certain you have? Since I’m willing to lecture you for an additional hour if necessary! To the amusement of the crew, Arnold hugged her and begged her to calm down.

“Jacob, I’m sorry for my behavior earlier. That previous job of yours is yours again. I’m going to check your pay as well. You have a lot more job experience, thus you should be paid more than I am. Let me take care of things this coming week. Would you kindly return for the time being?

Jacob stood transfixed, directly in front of the frozen food aisle. He was shocked by what had transpired and by the fact that a kind elderly woman had persuaded his employer to rehire him.

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Jacob, please don’t simply stand there! Stacy gave Jacob passionate instruction. “Resume your work! Give these cakes to every person as the first thing on your list. It’s becoming chilly there!”

What lessons may we draw from this tale?

A book shouldn’t be judged by its cover. Stacy’s influence over Jacob’s supervisor was unexpected, let alone the fact that she helped him regain his job.

Kindness is what our world needs more of; when you can, speak up for it. There should be more Stacys in the world, where we honor the good deeds of others and defend them when they are in need.

Talk about the story with your companions. It might motivate them and make their day better.

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