A mother is surprised and frightened to see distressing footage of her babysitter nursing her youngest kid after checking her nanny cam.

The mother of two took to Reddit to share the shocking film that she found on her home camera, along with the details of the embarrassing occurrence and her subsequent actions with the babysitter.

A Reddit mother who was deployed with her spouse in the military stated under a since-deleted account that she needed help caring for her infant. The couple hired a babysitter because they believed she would be very helpful.

During the initial weeks following her son’s birth and the subsequent half-year, the Original Poster (OP) encountered difficulties with her babysitter, who struggled with scheduling and payment.

The woman left, and the couple scrambled to find someone else. At that point, the 20-year-old daughter of their neighbor offered to assist them.

OP’s kids grew to adore their new babysitter over time. The mother had nothing but positive things to say about the woman after her thoughtful actions, but she also failed to see several warning signs.

Frequently, the nanny offered to assist OP without being asked. OP once confided in her nanny, saying she had great faith in her, and that she frequently had to use donor milk to nurse her infant. The nanny was moved by the mother’s confession and felt sorry for her, so she pressed OP for further information. The mother lost her mind and started disclosing additional details without thinking.

After OP revealed her terrible experience with the nanny, several parents offered advice on what she should do next.

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To keep an eye on her kids, OP installed nanny cams in their bedroom and living area. She didn’t ever check the cams since she had complete faith in her nanny, but one day, she was having a rough day and decided to see how her kids were doing. She remembered:

“I trust my nanny, and I never feel the need to verify this.” But yesterday was a bad day, so I thought I would stop over and see what the young ones were up to. Sitting on my bed, my nanny was trying to nurse my kid while rocking him.

The OP felt abhorred. It all seemed so wrong, she said, to the point where she nearly passed out. When the mother approached the nanny, she professed her regret and said that she “just wanted to help” her with her breastfeeding problems. However, OP was still untouched on the inside. She decided to watch more old films, and what she saw was even more disturbing.

Searching over tapes from the previous three weeks, OP discovered an odd pattern in the nanny’s everyday schedule. Every time the mother would put the infant to sleep, she would disconnect the camera from the bedroom and plug it back in after she was done.

Feeling uneasy, the mother decided to inquire of the nanny the next day for a plausible explanation. More horrifying revelations eventually surfaced.

Plugged in cables | Source: Pexels

As she tried to put the infant to sleep, the babysitter informed OP that she felt “uncomfortable” with the camera pointed at her. Since the camera tracked any object and failed to detect motion, OP believed it to be unfounded.

The mother, unconvinced, questioned the nanny about why she hadn’t manually oriented the camera in the direction of the cot. Since she had previously seen that someone had positioned the camera towards the infant and didn’t think her 5-year-old could have done it, the OP believed that the woman’s statement that she didn’t know was just another lie.

To determine whether she was overlooking anything else, OP viewed more tapes. She learned that the nanny had left her toddler alone in the backyard and her daughter in an enclosed pantry. Sadly for her, it didn’t stop there.

The mother decided that was enough, and after reading comments on the internet, she went back to see if there had been any theft as well. InvisibleShadow2U, a Redditor, wrote:

Check your valuables, especially those kept in your bedroom, since no one has brought it up. Turning off the camera might mean she’s going through your belongings.

In a follow-up, OP stated that she looked through her room to see if anything was amiss and saw that her daughter’s little blanket and a few of her toddler’s clothes had disappeared.

She had even lost the box of used baby clothing she had laid aside for charity. Later, the nanny’s dad returned everything, but not the blanket, which she said she couldn’t find.

“I’ve held a nanny position. This is completely unsuitable. User Gatitamonster said, “You need boundaries in place, like, yesterday,” and added:

As part of my vocation, I have to acknowledge and honor the reality that I am not the child’s parent.

After OP revealed her terrible experience with the nanny, several parents offered advice on what she should do next.

The mother appalled that she had unintentionally fostered a scenario that jeopardized her children’s health and safety, was extremely stressed out by the incident. This forced her to make a difficult decision.

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