The 9-year-old is abandoned and lives alone for two years, feeding himself and attending school.

Numerous individuals have realized that young toddlers possess a certain level of resourcefulness. As seen by the events that transpired in southwest France, ingenuity may manifest itself most astoundingly.

Everything happened in a Nersac flat where a 9-year-old French child lived with his mother alone. He was not going to give up so quickly, even if she had left him.

He was the only resident of the flat for two years. Even though he occasionally had to go without heat or power, he never gave up on trying to survive. Taking himself to school was part of this.

The young guy lived alone from the age of nine to eleven. No one, not even the school, realized that the little youngster was living in this condition. They said he was an excellent student as well.

Even though his neighbors occasionally brought him food, they were unaware that he lived alone. He would subsist on cake and canned goods.

On occasion, he would walk to the balcony of a neighbor and pick tomatoes for himself. He frequently went without heat or power, so he had to sleep with three big blankets and wash himself in cold water.

In the meantime, his mother resided in a nearby hamlet about 5 miles away from her son. The 39-year-old lady would occasionally come to see him and feed him, but not very frequently.

The boy’s father appears to be totally missing from the little child’s life, since there has been no news regarding him. She decided to leave the flat and her child behind when the mother and father got divorced.

The neighbors phoned the authorities after realizing the youngster was living alone after several months had gone. “Challenge anyone who would have been able to detect this situation: a clean boy, a good student who was doing his homework,” stated the town mayor.

“I believe that he also constructed it as a kind of shield to protect himself and tell himself that everything is OK.”

She was verbally abusing her son, according to a neighbor, and they could frequently hear her swear.

The mother, who has chosen to remain anonymous, was charged with neglecting her child’s safety and leaving him.

They used phone data in the courtroom to demonstrate that she was not living with her kid and that he continued to work on his academics by driving himself to school. She refuted the allegations throughout the investigation, but the neighbors attested to the fact he was living alone.

The mother of the boy was given an 18-month jail term and will have to wear an electronic monitoring device for six months. The youngster, who is now a teenager, stated that she has only paid him a visit at his foster home once and that he doesn’t want to hear from her again.

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